More in depth settings for modes

Is there a way in the modes to have more settings, ie have the enitre settings tab be able to be saved to each mode seperatly? I am trying to set mine up so in disarmed everything is off, in home it will record motion and take snapshots but not give me the crazy annoying nonstop motion alerts (since snooze doesnt seem to work, plus i dont want to have to keep snoozing it every 2 hours even if it did work) and then in away have it so it does give me motion alerts. The problem is since there are only 2 settings that can be changed in modes if I set it to disable motion it stops recording as well. It would be great if you could set the ring alerts, record motion, motion alerts, and motion setting to each mode. Any ideas?

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It would be nice, still trying myself to get the modes actually to function properly. Only have the DoorBell Peep Hole Camera and no matter what mode setting, it just keeps on letting me know it has sensed motion and someone is at the door.