More bad programming changes

It used to be when I got a Ring alert, it gave me the option to view the activated camera immediately without having to open the app and find the camera. Then one day that button didn’t exist anymore. Today I notice that when I view a camera and turn my phone sideways it no longer automatically switches the orientation and enlarges the view. It’s like Ring is a non stop beta app. There is no email to contact for customer support, and when you call customer service they read thru their script and have you do a dozen steps that have nothing to do with the issue you called about in the first place. Is Ring making so much money they don’t care about customer service, or are they a sinking ship who doesn’t care about customer service?

Hey @Boriley. Thank you so much for your feedback here. What kind of phone are you running the Ring app on? I’m making sure this information is passed onto the appropriate teams for you, but this information would be most helpful so that they know what platform this is for!