Monitoring does not ask for code

My alarm accidently went off last night. I got a call from the monitoring system. It asked me to press 1 if everything is OK. It did not ask for the security code I used when I signed up. This means if someone breaks in, they can answer the call and press 1. This is a major flaw.

Am I missing something? Is there a setting I need to change?

Good question @ajd58! It sounds like this was a result of an automated confirmation call, versus a monitoring dispatch call. If you have setup a verbal password, this will certainly be used for emergency scenarios. Learn more about monitoring and emergency steps with our help center article.

If you set off the Alarm on accident, or it is triggered by a non-emergency and you want to cancel the burglar alarm signal, there is a confirmation call setting available in the Ring app, which prompts the automated call to check if this was truly in error. Check out the help center article about the confirmation call feature for more information.

Rest assured, if this truly was an emergency event, or if it was cancelled and none of your emergency contacts responded to the professional monitoring calls, or confirmed cancellation, emergency dispatch would still occur.