Momentarily Switching To Battery Backup

Several times today my Ring alarm notified me that it switched to battery backup then instantly returned to normal. The only change is that I recently had a second broadband modem installed for work from home purposes that sits very close to the keypad. The modem does not have WiFi but could some sort of intereference be causing this?

Switching to battery backup has nothing to do with your internet connection, so your broadband changs are not the culprit. For that, it would say switching to cellular backup. Switching to battery backup would indicate a loss of power. Could be you had some power flucuation at your house? Otherwise, check for a loose plug maybe?

It started just today and it’s happening so frequently it’s getting very annoying with the constant alerts to my phone. No power interuption to my home WiFi, TV or lights…Just Ring.

Check the power cord into the ring base, into the wall, see if the recepticle has become loose (how tight is the plug in the wall). Not sure what else . . . try moving the unit to another plug at least temporarily.

Hey @RicKaysen! Is this concern still occurring with your Keypad ? We’re here to help.

Hi… Thanks for asking. I spoke to customer support and they speculated it might be a bad power cord so one is on the way. Ironically, it stopped happening after that phone call.