Modes Not Working in Disarmed

My 3 stick up cams recently started recording in the disarmed mode despite being set via Modes to not record. Modes had worked fine for many months, now this issue. I toggled the Modes and that seemed to help for a day or two, but they are recording again.

Detecting this problem then having to reset each cam and the APP is not a practical solution. Since this started with all 3 stickup cams at the same time, this is no doubt a software issue if some sort.

Tech support, please help.

Hi there, @RingRingDingaling! You’ve reached the Ring Community, a public neighbor to neighbor forum. Our support team does not monitor this platform, but there are many neighbors here to offer guidance. For your Modes concern, I recommend making a change (any change) to your modes settings. Save that change, then go back and adjust your Modes to exactly how you desire. Once you’ve changed it back and saved again, your Modes should resume working as intended.

Please also ensure there is not a vpn enabled on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: