Modes not displaying

Having the same issue now. Moved location and added a device. No mode control on dashboard, and no mode control in device setting. Modes have completely disappeared from my app.

iPhone 13 iOS 16.2
Latest 5.56.1

What’s the latest?

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Hi @Pbb. I have moved your reply to a new thread, as the concern in the previous thread was resolved in an update to the Ring app. If you do not see the Mode buttons on the Ring app dashboard, please give the following troubleshooting steps a try:

  • Make sure you are on the correct location in the Ring app. If you are on the location titled “All Cameras”, you will not see the Mode buttons. Tap the location name in the top center of the Ring app to change to the correct location.
  • Verify that you have the latest version of the Ring app and your phone’s software for the best performance. You can read more about mobile device compatibility here.
  • If you have a VPN on your phone, disable it or exclude Ring traffic. The Ring app is not compatible with the use of a VPN, so it can cause performance issues.

Let me know if any of these troubleshooting steps help. If they do not, please share a screenshot demonstrating what you see when you open the Ring app so I can get a better idea of what the root cause may be.

Hi, we’re now in 2023 and the issue has still not been fixed!!! It has been intermittent for me ever since i purchased my cameras and installed the app back at the start of 2022. I’ve forced the app to stop, cleared cache and re-installed. I don’t use VPN and i only have the one location. Now it has removed completely and the individual option in each camera settings won’t open the “Mode settings”. This is on an S22 Ultra, so not an old phone with the latest updates for everything. Please sort it, as this renders my alarm system useless!!!

Android: 13
One UI: 5.1
Ring app: 3.57.0
Each camera says up to date.


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