Modes not available after trial period. Protect Plan was purchased automiatcally 3-27-2024

Modes are not active in Ring App iPhone 14 Pro or Online account (They were during trial). Greyed out/Not accessible… Protect Plan is active, in App and Online immediately via Ring account stored CC when trial ended 3-27-2024. Modes went away when trial went away and 1-year plan started.
Call to support did not yield much support that I had not already performed. Still no Modes after allowing 24+ hrs for Ring system to update. Help! This is my first security camera. Not want to ditch it so soon. Leaving town and this camera has to work as it should.

The issue has been solved. Reset the camera by pressing and holding the reset button on top of the camera (or wherever yours may be). The camera will go thru a complete reset. Mine also did a “factory reset”. Reestablished WiFi connection. Logged out of and back into the ring app. Check Settings>Device Health>Online and Wifi. Then checked Modes in App and they were active!!

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Hi @GATVista. I’m glad to hear you were able to get this resolved, thank you for sharing that update! :slight_smile: