Modes for Multiple Cameras

Hi All, Hoping someone can advise.

I have just put up 3 ring cameras, just the standard ones, and I am adding the Ring doorbell.

The question is regarding the application. When in “Modes” setting, is it necessary to set each camera when you are “Away”, or will the application enable this for all cameras?

I am just trying to make things as simple as possible. Also, anyway of linking this in to Alexa, so for example you could just say “Alexa set cameras to away” ?

Any help would be appreciated.


Hey @D95gas. You can read more up on how the Modes feature works in our Help Center Article here. I can confirm as well that you will indeed be able to turn all cameras to “Away” mode by the click of the button on the Dashboard of your Ring App. When it comes to Alexa, we have Modes implemented into Alexa for the Ring Alarm Security System, but not the cameras and doorbells at this time. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: