Modes for cameras

When will Modes for cameras be available for me? It was supposed to roll out almost 3 months ago.

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Hey @Jschweda! The Modes feature released in November and is rolling out to all neighbors as we speak. Keep an eye out for any Ring app updates as all neighbors are expected to see this soon. Learn more about modes and it’s release here, and thank you for your patience!

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Thanks for providing this link that provides more details on how it works:

This seems to solve most of my problems. Can’t wait to try it out.

Unfortunately this is still not answering the question. What’s being asked for is an ETA on when we can expect this feature to be available. Saying it was initially released in November 2019 and is “slow rolling out” to all customers means nothing to those of us who have been requesting this functionality for years and have still seen no signs of it. These vague, canned answers give us no indication if our ETA is a month, several months, a year, or even several years from now. Because technically any of those can be said to be a “slow roll out”. Please provide some clarification as to when this rollout is expected to be COMPLETE.

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I just got off an hour long support call for this. Supposedly its being escalated to Engineering. The execution of this new mode feature set is disappointing to say the least.

I woke up this morning and the Modes feature was finally available for me. And I’m pleased to report that it does NOT simply disable notifications as I had feared. You are able to configure it so that Record Motion and/or Live View are enabled or disabled automatically when you select a certain mode (Disarmed, Home, Away). Ring implemented this feature exactly like I hoped they would. Now if they would just let me switch modes with Siri … :slight_smile:

I second that - when the new “modes” feature will be available for me?

been also waiting since November :frowning:

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I am still waiting for “modes” to be available. Can you please advise when this will happen? It was supposed to be November??

I’m also waiting for this essential feature.

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“Modes” finally showed up last night!!!

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What version no. is the app with modes enabled?

App version is not relevant. Ring pushes these features out via their servers.

So all the settings, device names, etc are done via servers. The app is only a gateway?

Yes, everything is stored and managed on the servers. Only exception is things like notification settings which are app specific.

Is the rollout of this still on-going? I added several security cameras to my existing alarm + doorbell system this week, but don’t have the “mode settings” in my app. (I deleted and re-aded the app, which did come with a few updates, just to make sure, but still don’t see anything) Just want to know what to expect!