Modes dont work

What is the point of Modes if they don’t work? Selected Modes so that when the alarm is disarmed and I am home I can stop recording on my garden camera. This is a battery camera and will be recording all day when in the back garden. Selected this but alas it doesn’t work it still keeps recording.

Hi @Zokkoo. Is this for an Indoor or Outdoor Camera? If it is an Indoor Camera, it will not record while disarmed. If it is an Outdoor Camera, it will work as normal. Keep in mind, the Stick-Up Cam can be labeled as Indoor or Outdoor. You can change this in the General Settings Menu. I hope this helps!

Had similar program where disarmed mode kept sending me notifications like if nodes have been swapped

@Zokkoo So if I understand correctly, you have a battery spotlight camera and are disarming but it still records with motion? If so, this should not be happening. There should be no notifications with motion, or recording with motion.

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