Modes & contact sensor on frequently used door

I want to arm the system with Home mode but I don’t want it to alarm on my balcony door, unless I’m going to sleep. So, what’s the best way to set this up? Ideally, something super simple so I can have all contact sensors armed when I’m home except for one, but then arm that one when I’m going to sleep. Any ideas?

Hey @yojinbuka. You would need to disable this sensor on the balcony door from being monitored in Home mode, and then be in Home mode when you’re awake. Then, keep all sensors monitored in Away mode, and therefore when you go to sleep, you’ll put yourself in Away mode, which should monitor all sensors in this mode. To disable the one sensor in Home mode, you will go into the Ring App > main menu > Settings > Modes > Home > Sensors > and then toggle off and to the left your Balcony contact sensor and hit Save at the top right. From here, you will be able to not have this sensor trip your alarm in Home mode! :slight_smile: