Modes changing by itself

My hard-wired Ring doorbell keeps changing modes from home or disarmed to away mode by itself whenever there is motion detected (without me ever having gone into my Ring app or changing modes)! HELP!!! I have the Ring Pro doorbell/ Ring Pro floodlight and I also have the Ring security system (which I haven’t set up yet due to this issue with the modes changing by itself) , as I don’t want to have my alarm system going off if I’m for example opening up my front door or sliding glass door etc. Does anyone have a solution for this issue???

Hi @user60230. The Modes should only change when you manually change them, or if you set up a Mode Schedule (only available with the Ring Alarm system). Are you receiving a notification that the Mode was changed, or a notification that motion was detected? Attaching any screenshots or screen recordings that demonstrate what you see on your end would be helpful for troubleshooting purposes.