Mode settings vs. Motion schedule?

I have scheduled motion settings so that I don’t get notifications during daytime (when I’m home) but at a certain time in the evening (when I usually go to bed) the notification is switched on.
But I would like to easily disable the scheduling when I occasionally leave home so that I actually will get notification when someone is at my house. I was pleased to see the Mode settings, hoping this would be what I was looking for. But I can’t see that it is possible to do this with Mode settings? Is there any other way? (Beside the obvious - switch off scheduling)

Hi @pelig. If you have a Motion Schedule in place, this will override any Mode Settings you may have in place. As an alternative to Motion Scheduling, you can use our Motion Snooze. This is something that you can easily toggle ON/OFF when you need. This Help Center article here has information on Motion Snooze. I hope this helps!