Mode Schedule option missing from "Modes and Automations"

Three different modes are available to control the state of your home: Disarmed, Home and Away. There is supposed to be an option where you can set a schedule when the mode of your choice is needed. For example: I would like my ring doorbell to enter Disarmed mode at a specific time of a specific day. And, would like it to enter the home mode at a specific time of a specific day. I have it set that when disarmed mode is active the motion detection is off (not motion alerts). Bottom line is it seems like RING removed the ability to schedule Modes.

Hi @zeff-k. The Mode Scheduling feature is available for users with a Ring Alarm and an active Ring Protect plan. You can learn more about it here. If you do not have a Ring Alarm, only Ring Doorbells or Cameras, you won’t be able to use the Mode Scheduling feature. Neighbors have requested to have this feature available for Doorbells and Cameras, which you can find here on our Feature Request board. Feel free to add your vote and feedback to that request.

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