Mobile improvements (and network)

No idea if I found the correct category. Just trying to submit an inquiry was frustrating. Hello product managers?! Anyhow, I was trying to review my invoices and the status just spins. After refreshing about 10x invoice loaded and can’t see the entire invoice on my screen. 10inOne Android. No, I’m not on my wifi, my cellular service, which is working fine on other sites.

Please advise… (or just fix) also, please spare me from canned responses. I would rather have none than someone copying and pasting something useless.


Hi @IMMUNE. You’re on the Ring Community, where we can assist with general troubleshooting tips or tricks. Are you viewing your invoice on a mobile web browser? If you haven’t done so already, can you try accessing it on a desktop web browser? Let me know if that works properly, as this would narrow down if the issue is specific to the mobile web browser.