Mobile App only opens to blue cover page; no dashboard

When I try to check into my dashboard and / or do a Live View on the mobile app on my iphone, it only goes so far as the blank blue cover page. I wait for the rest of the app to open up but it takes so long, my phone goes on hibernation and the app never opens. The only way I can view my different cameras from my iphone, is if I click on a motion alert notification, and then from there I can go to the Dashboard and see previous activity and do Live View on that specific camera that is tied into the alert. If I want to see another camera, I can only see it by clicking on a previous alert from that other camera. I cannot go directly to dashboard as it only opens up to the blank blue cover page.

Hi @mtxu. What version IOS are you using and what Ring app version? Also, would you be able to share an screenshot or screen recording of the page you are getting stuck on? Try closing any other apps that are running in the background when opening the Ring app, to help with the speed in which it loads.