Missing Voltage Reading within iOS App for Video Doorbell Pro?


In the current version of the Ring app on my iPhone, I’m no longer seeing a voltage reading in the Device Health page for my Video Doorbell Pro.

If voltage reporting has been removed from the app, can it please be added back in?



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Noticed the same. Please add it back.


Hey neighbors! Would you mind uninstalling the Ring App, restarting your phone, and reinstalling the Ring App? After that, check the Device Health page and let me know what you’re seeing on your end. Feel free to attach a screenshot, but make sure the MAC ID and any personal information is covered.

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Hi, Caitlyn.

I appreciate your assistance with this.

I’ve tried as you’ve suggested. Alas, the voltage reading is still missing. I’ve attached a redacted screenshot of what I see.

Do you have any other ideas?



Hi neighbors, we did some digging and discovered that this feature is no longer in the app. Is there a specific purpose you use the voltage reading for? This information would be great for us to share with the team.


Good to be able to verify if the correct voltage is being read for it to properly function. Shouldn’t be something one would have to check over and over, but on initial install is great to know if accurate.

In your own KB article titled ‘Troubleshooting Insufficient Power Issues with Ring Video Doorbell Pro’, you note “Voltage greater than 4.05 V can shorten the life of the device.”. So allowing users with a wired device the ability to read sounds purposeful.


Voltage is an issue that has picked up for me in the last month. If my Ring doorbell goes offline but I can’t confirm whether or not voltage is the issue, how will I know what the issue is without the unnecessary headache of troubleshooting scenarios? Now the only status we are informed of with regard to the health of our device is signal strength. I don’t understand why Ring would intentionally remove crucial health status visibility from the products Ring customers own and use. I can see providing more information, but not less. I’m glad I learned I had voltage issues before this happened or I wouldn’t know and would be incredibly frustrated, and I’d feel like I owned faulty equipment. Now I’m incredibly frustrated, but only because Ring deliberately eliminated technical visibilty and control from its customers.


I agree with others that it makes no sense to have removed this information from the app. My ring was unresponsive yesterday (wouldn’t light up when button was pushed) and there was no way to tell if this was a problem with the voltage being delivered to the device or the device itself without taking it off the wall and checking the voltage with a multimeter. Would have been nice to have the “last voltage detected” feature still in the app.

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Thank you for this feedback, neighbors. We are always working towards making improvements where we can in the Ring app and with our devices. As we revisit the Device Health section of the Ring app and make adjustments, there was a change made that removed the power reading in regards to voltage level on the iOS interface. We will be sure to share any and all additional feedback and experiences from our neighbors with our team here for future consideration. We appreciate your thoughts and concerns in the meantime. Thanks again, neighbors!

Numerous, purportedly current help articles still refer to this reading on the device health report!

My ring doorbell all of a sudden stopped working after 3 years. Instructions say to check that ring has power first. The Ring online manual - troubleshooting - shows to check the voltage by going to Device Health.

Now you (Ring) are saying that voltage reading has been removed from the app. How about changing the troubleshooting video to show that is not available. Better yet, add it back to the app.

I now don’t know if my Ring doorbell is not getting power or just failed and needs to be replaced. After pressing the reset button, I get nothing- no circle lighting up. Also, it won’t “join” to iPhone. So, I’m out of luck. Guess I’ll call support.

When is the voltage reading going to be returned.

It’s almost June 2021 and still no voltage display in the Device Health in the Ring app. What were they thinking??? I’ve never seen so many problems with something people really care about in my life! I would rate Ring a 1 out of 10 as far as competency, customer care, and lack of problems is concerned. My Ring would freeze after a button press, bought a big 24V 40A power supply, still has problems after a button press. I looked at Eufy and Wyze, do they have less problems?

Hi @GoinNuts. I recommend making sure that your Ring App is up to date. As of now, you can see the voltage for your Doorbell in the Ring app under the Device Health menu. Below is a picture of my Device Health screen with the Voltage shown.

Hi Does the transformer voltage will only show up if the battery is removed from the device when connected to the external transformer? My unit has the battery installed and is also connected to the external AC power

Hi there, @fskywalker! This thread is in regards to the Doorbell Pro, so the information will be a little different for your battery powered devices.

As your Video Doorbell is operating primarily on the battery, even when hardwired for charge, your device health will still show your battery percentage and may also include an indicator for charging. Removing the battery will power down your Video Doorbell, as the power provided from wiring is only intended to charge or operate an existing compatible chime kit. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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