Missing Video


I paid for the protect plan, there is no video for the time that someone entered my house and went right in front of the camera. a video appears 15 mins later the second time they walk past.

How do I get access to the video when they arrived? That was the whole point of paying

Hi @amanda.burrows. If there is no motion recording for an event that occurred, there is no video to go back and retrieve. Since your Ring device did not capture a motion event, try the following steps to prevent this from happening again:

  • Optimize your Motion Settings for your Camera. One example of this would be increasing the Motion Sensitivity of your Camera. If your Camera is battery operated, you want to look into its Motion Frequency as well and set it to Frequent, which could drain the battery quicker but helps prevent missing motion events.

  • Verify your Camera’s signal strength, also known as RSSI, is at a good level.

  • Verify you have installed your Camera in a spot where it can work its best. It should be mounted about 8–9 feet up from the ground. Also, your Camera should not be placed behind a window facing the outside or have any other objects in front of it that could interfere with its motion detection abilities.

  • Reboot your Camera using the Ring app.

I hope this helps.

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