Missing video on back to back visitors

I notice that when I have back to back visitors to my door, the 2nd visitor does not trigger video. Normally, that 2nd visitor is one of my parents who live in a granny flat and are picking up a package that was just dropped off. However, this does raise the concern that there is a window of time just after a package is dropped off that a porch pirate can come and steal the package undetected. I looked through settings and didn’t see anything related to this behavior. Am I missing something?

Hi @Big_Slink. You may want to look into adjusting your Motion Frequency setting, which controls how sensitive your Ring is to repetitive motion events that occur back to back, as you are describing. You can try changing this to the Frequent setting to ensure that important events are captured. With that said, it is still important to keep in mind that when your Ring detects motion and records an event, there is a short amount of time where your Ring needs to process the video it just recorded before it can begin recording another event. I hope this information helps clear things up for you! :slight_smile: