Missing time and events

Hello. I have two wireless outdoor cameras but I am missing events and time. Whilst watch the camera history on the app there was 1 hour missing and it did t pick up the movement in the garden. Any ideas

Hi @Aldym. Ring Cameras do not record continuously. They will record when motion is detected or when you activate the Live View. If you have Snapshot Capture enabled, you’ll see periodic snapshot images between events. If your Snapshots are not being captured at the set frequency, try toggling Snapshot Capture off and back on. Ensure you don’t have motion detection disabled in the Modes settings, as this prevents Snapshots from being taken.

For motion detection concerns, I recommend reviewing and adjusting your Motion Zones and motion sensitivity. Battery powered Cameras also have a Motion Frequency option that you can adjust based on your preferences. You can reach our support team here if you have any further questions or persistent concerns with your Cameras.

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There was definitely movement as someone was sat in the garden but the camera did pick them up walking down the path. No issue with zones set. It is just random movements from all cameras that aren’t picked up

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