Missing QR code

My device is a few years old but still unused. there is no QR code, only a mac barcode. How do I set it up without a QR code or the 5 digit code?

Hi @kevboy. During the setup process in the Ring app, you should see “Other Options” when you’re at the step to scan the QR code. Tap this, and select “Device has a barcode instead”. If that doesn’t work, you’ll want to follow up with our support team to see what other setup options are available.

Hello, I bought a new home and the owner left the ring device installed on the front door. I can’t access the QR code unfortunately. Is there a way to activate the device or connect to it with the QR or bar code?

Hi @PoNoMo. What is making the QR code inaccessible? On most devices, the QR code and Setup Button are very close to each other, so you’ll need to be able to access both.

Hi, I have the same problem. I bought a house and old Ring was on the front of the house. I am charging the battery (and that works) but there is no QR code to be seen. Do I have to remove the installed doorbell? Thank you, Linda

Hi @user116161. The QR code should be on the back of the Doorbell, so you’ll want to remove it from the wall by unscrewing it.


I have an old Ring camera that lost the barcode/QR code sticker (because of the rain). How can I set it up as a new device?

HI @user50796. You should see an option that says “Setup Without Scanning”.

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