Missing parts - solar panel

Hi ,

I’ve just opened the boxes I’ve ordered on Black Friday. And it seems like I’m missing this part ( see image attached ).

I’ve tried to look it up on the Uk store if I can buy it but there’s nothing like this.

Can someone advise me how to get this missing part ?

I do have a cable coming out from my solar panel but I can’t screw that into the back if my camera.

Thank you.

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It’s actually not missing the new panels don’t have the bracket. Mine didn’t come with one either


Hi , thank you that’s great to know.
It just made me worried that it’s on that instruction video and the leaflet in the box was showing the same set up. Thank you :slight_smile:


Very helpful as I was looking for the same!!!

All parts installed correctly but sadly Ive received notification to change the battery which means its not working (probably lack of sun tbf) and wondered if this was why.

So its seems that back up the ladder I go to try and resolve and at the same time I had better change the battery!

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