Missing option customize my police response

**I am in the process of swapping alarms, so until I am done I want to disable my monitoring. And I am missing option customize my police response, or even disable monitoring. **

Any ideas


Go to your Settings and select Monitoring Welcome Back! Please Log in | Ring.
Change the Type and Police & Fire Response.

Hi @HBR4270. You can disable Professional Monitoring in the Ring app by tapping the Hamburger Menu → Settings → Monitoring and then selecting your monitoring type. You should also see a Police and Fire Response option, where you can customize the police response under Professional Monitoring.

If you don’t see these options, make sure you are on the correct location in the dashboard. If it says All Cameras, you won’t see the option to edit your Ring Alarm settings. Also verify you are logged in as the owner and not as a Shared User. Shared Users will not have the option to edit Ring Alarm settings. I hope this helps!

Thank you i will try that.

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