Missing notifications

Ok, I’m fed up with this and I’m very close to the point of returning this doorbell and getting a refund.

I was sat working at my desk when my phone made an “email received” beep. It was a message from a courier saying they had attempted delivery and left a “no answer card”.

There was no Ring notification on the phone.

When I opened the ring app I could see the Missed Ring event and could watch it back and see the guy press the bell and wave at it.

Things I’ve tried to make this unit work properly:

  • Clearing the app data and reinstalling the android app ( twice )
  • De-synchronizing my 2.4ghz and 5ghz wifi networks
  • Buying a wifi booster (although the signal was never weak enough to stop OTHER notifications like email and twitter coming through)

I’ve just turned off motion detection because I read somewhere that motion events and ring events can interfere with each other. (This smacks of faulty event processing to me)

So far the only reliable way to get this device to work is to press the doorbell myself.

I’m very IT literate person, I’m a 30 veteran of coding and computers in general. It just seems to me that these devices dont work properly in the real world.

A just 5 minutes later I hear a loud knocking from downstairs.

Nothing from the Ring, even though the courier has said he pressed it.

I’ve checked the app and there’s not even an event listed.

Useless piece of crap.

Hey @DrStrangeLUg. Could you please reach out to our support team here for this? If you’ve been having dinging events, and from the sound of the most recent one, have your Doorbell being rung but no event showing up, you will want to bring this up with our support team. If you have an active subscription, which it sounds like you do, all recordings captured should show up as an event in the event history log.

Also, the device should be reporting via a push notification that you have this event happening, when your Doorbell is rung. Our support team can do some testing with you to see where the missed gap is to have the device up and running as it should be for your peace of mind! Also, as a last ditch effort and something short term to try before reaching out to support, try downloading the Rapid Ring app and see if that helps, not only with notifications, but also load times if you ever had this concern!