Missing motion detection at night

Finally after months of the same issue and no resolve i think its time to ditch the ring doorbell for something that i have confidence in and trust.
Went onto history again last night and for 5 hours not one motion detection recorded which for my street is ridiculous. The video wired doorbell bell must go into some sort of standby when not continually activating as it picks up everything up till about 1.00am
The one most important time of the night and early hours of the morning it never picks up.
Have been in contact with you before and made changes to settings and updates but still no better.
Final straw is my neighbours car got damaged outside my house the other night and ring video never picked it up.
This is not a new issue as it is well known problem and ring still fail to get it fixed.

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Hi @jeffo110. I’m sorry to hear about what happened with your neighbor’s car. Since everyone’s home environment is different, it may take some trial and error with the motion settings on your Ring Doorbell to determine what combination of settings works best for your preferences. I’d recommend adjusting some of the settings including your Motion Zones and Motion Frequency (if you have a battery powered device).

Your Doorbell is designed to detect and alert you to visitors at your door, so it may not always detect motion farther out, such as a car on the street. You can also find an overview of how motion detection works in Ring devices in our Help Center Article here. I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Hi, Im sorry but i do not accept your response in relation to the usage of the ring doorbell. This problem at night time is a known problem by ring and many other users aswell. I have the ring wired doorbell and like all ring doorbells it has the option of smart motion to stop you being falsely notified when cars go past on your street. I have turned smart option off and the motion zones adjusted.
I have a short distance from my front door to the roadside where the cars are parked so there is no reason at all why the motion detection does not pick it up.
During the day and evening ring detects everything that goes past my home and across the road.
The main issue is that the same pattern on the ring happens in the early hours of the morning when it is quieter. If there is constant detection it works fine but if there is a time period delay where nothing has happened the ring doorbell appears to go to sleep mode and doesnt activate when it should of picked up the motion.
I have an old cctv system which saw 28 times a car or person that had gone past my house in the 5 hr period that my ring doorbell did not pick up. Its not a one of glitch but a continual pattern. My sons ring has the same problem of not detecting at night. I have sent you a screenshot of last night from 1.08 am to 6.13 am where once again ring has not picked up any motion when there has been plenty. Im sorry but ring is not doing what it says it does.

Hi.I have exactly same problem.I had a break in in to my car and was checking my history to realise that there are no motion or activity captured during the night for some time now.Please let me know how to resolve this.I have no problems with WiFi and my doorbell is hardwired.

This problem at night is a known problem and once again i have a big time lapse of nothing on my history for about 5 hours
Ring are aware of it but continually fail to deal with this issue.
To me the most important time of night and early hours of the morning i need and Ring does not pick it up.
Again i scrolled through my cctv footage which takes hours and within that period Ring failed to pick up over 38 motions that went past my house. The problem with Ring customer service is once you raise an issue and do not agree with there response they dont want to know.
Ring please look at this mornings history and try to tell me this is ok.

I too have the same issue only at night at 10:00pm it stops recording

Looks like Ring customer service has once again avoided the issue as have had no response at all since i disagreed with their initial comment.
If they cannot sort this known motion detection problem out then why would anyone want to buy their cctv security system if you have no confidence or trust in their products to work correctly.

Probably because it’s not a widespread or general issue.
It’s likely revolved around your setup, zones, external lighting, distance from the camera to the street, etc.

Good luck!

Hi, Like you i have wasted my money as bought 4 of these doorbells for family and they get exactly the same issues of missed motion detection at night. Totally fed up with Ring and the lack of support from Ring to get the problem fixed. Ive just been on last nights history and the same pattern again but different time. Its not the lighting or settings as have adjusted everything.