Missing motion capture

Similar to a few other posters, outdoor stick up captures some arrivals and exits, but rarely both, even on the same route. I have seen dustbin on driveway, next thing it’s empty and on the road, but no sign of bin lorry in either direction. Cars can drive up to house and park and suddenly are just there on the event, but no approach. Cars passing the house are all picked up. Postman can walk up and get captured, but not on exit, or vice verse and uses the same path! Can’t see me signing up for this Ring Protect Scam if half the stuff is not recorded. Will be returning before the 30 day trial runs out at this stage. Have tried moving and changing angle, but I don’t understand how walking in one direction is different to walking in the other!

Hey @EnglishBoy. If your Camera is battery operated, it sounds like you might be using Motion Frequency settings. Motion frequency is a setting that prevents too many alerts in a high traffic area, and preserves battery. Please check your motion settings for motion frequency, and ensure it is set to allow more frequent detection.

If this setting does not apply, or is already set to frequent, Camera mounting height, angle, zone sensitivity, and even network signal strength are variables to consider for optimal motion detection and functionality. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion. It made no difference. Still seeing people leave the house, but not coming in. And cars are picked up driving past, and activity on the drive, but no approach, so you can’t see the registration plate. I’ll return it to the store over the weekend as I’m not wasting my money on a video plan that only records half the action and none of the important stuff!

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Sounds like bad camera placement. It needs to be placed where what you record goes across it’s path.