Missing history

Got an alert that there was motion which there was. It shows the mail man pulling up, getting something out of the back and then it stops. Well the feed shows the truck sitting there but not the mailman leaving the back of the truck, walking up, and then driving away. It’s like the history timeline is missing less than a minute but if this was someone messing around the house I would want the enitre clip. I get the “motion” its self is set to a certain time limit but in the history between each “motion” or “ring” you are able to watch what happens usually. Only this little bit of time is just gone. Any idea how to fix it? After I noticed this I went thru past motions and it does the same thing for a few mins after each motion.

This is on a ring doorbell and it is fully updated and charged.

Hey @jlee96. It sounds like you have your Motion Frequency set to Standard instead of Frequent, which is why there is a little bit of down time in between back to back motion events. Could you try turning your Motion Frequency to Frequent to see if this helps this case?