……Missing footage……

Can I check if my device has been hacked?

My ring doorbell is showing all the activity in the day except one visit which I NEED to recall. It has the visit. 5 mins prior and 1 hour later but blanked in the middle.

Could someone have logged in and deleted it ?

Hi @user72411. As the Owner, you are the only one who has access to your Ring Doorbell and the Event History. Have you shared your account information with anyone else? If you ever feel that your account information has been compromised, we urge you to reset your password and sign out of all devices via the Control Center.

Regarding the event, was this detected and recorded by your Doorbell? If it was, it should be in the Event History. If the event didn’t trigger the motion detection, it wouldn’t have been recorded.

Hi, did you get any further with this? I’ve recently been assaulted on my drive and the doorbell didn’t pick it up. Is there absolutely no way to retrieve this?
The offender is claiming I’ve deleted the footage … is there a way of confirming events haven’t been deleted or would it show anywhere when an event has been deleted? Thanks

Hi @user75846. I’m sorry to hear about what happened. If the Doorbell did not detect motion and begin recording, there would be no video to retrieve from the Event History. There is no log of deleted events in the Ring app. If you are the Owner of the Doorbell, only you would be able to delete videos from the Event History.