Missing footage

I have lost 30 minutes or more of footage that had plenty of movement occurring during this specific time. However, the camera did not record anything. I tested the camera by doing exactly the same thing as before and this time it was recorded! Can footage be wiped by anyone? I don’t believe there was a glitch? Unless Ring can look into this specific camera. Tried contacting them but there is never anyone on I’ve chat! Does Ring have Live chat??

Depends on your location. Here’s contact info for Support ( Contact Us – Ring Help)

I have the same problem 2 motion detections but no video footage

Hi @user14003. Ring Cameras do not record continuously, only when motion is detected or when you activate a Live View. When you say that you have lost 30 minutes or more of footage, do you mean there was a 30 minute window of time in which no motion was detected and there is nothing in your Event History at this time? I’d recommend checking the following settings:

  • Review your Modes settings to ensure that Motion Detection is turned on. If it’s turned off in a specific Mode, your Camera will not detect or record motion in that Mode.
  • If you have a battery powered Camera, check your Motion Frequency settings as well.
  • Check your Motion Zones to make sure they cover the areas you want to be notified about motion in.

Additionally, only you as the owner can delete any events from the Event History. If you have any privacy concerns related to your account, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.