Missing deliveries - topic gone quiet?

I get alerted for everything - cats, foxes, the postie, even cars passing OUTSIDE of the zones I have set up. But I was not alerted to a delivery by DHL until I saw it in my email.
I went out and checked that the video was still working and sure enough it had spotted me opening the same door that the delivery person had opened to put in my parcel - What is going on?
There seem to have been a few posts on this topic but no resolution?

Hi @user26095. We have a marked solution in a similar thread, which you can find here. Motion detection concerns typically don’t have a solution that works for everyone, as it’s dependent on various factors that will be different from one neighbor’s home to the next. We usually recommend adjusting the settings, which may take some trial and error until you find a combination of settings that works best for your home and your preferences.

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