Missing default doorbell ring sound

After missing some notifications on for doorbell presses, I noticed the sound in the ring app for all my doorbells has been set to silent except for motion notifications. The default ring doorbell sound has been removed, but I can still see all the other sounds + the seasonal sounds. Ring support claims the default sound has been discontinued which doesn’t make any sense considering its their branding sound. Is anyone else missing their default sound?

Hi @HankMcCoy. Can you share a screenshot of what you’re seeing for the App Alert Tones in the Ring app? Are you on iOS or Android?


Attached shows the tones list. I am running the latest version of iOS with the latest version of the ring app. No where is the “default ring” sound found. The list is long and I have temporarily selected another tone until the issue is resolved

@HankMcCoy Thanks for sharing that screenshot! Try force closing the Ring app and then checking the App Alert Tones again. You should now see the “Ring Default” option and be able to select it. :slight_smile:

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