Missing certain Alert tones from ring app on iphone 14 pro but available on iPad pro

I have a bit of an odd issue that I’m hoping someone can help me with

I Recently upgraded from the doorbell 2 (battery version) to the doorbell plus so I was going through the settings via ring app on my iPhone 14pro when I noticed that certain app alert tones for both the rings & motions section are missing but are available to select from the ring app on my iPad Pro.

Tones missing for doorbell plus on ring iPhone app:

Someone at ring doorbell
Someone at ring doorbell (Bell)
Someone at front door
Someone at front door bell (Bell)

Motions missing on ring iPhone app:

Motion at your door
Motion at your door (wind chimes)
Motion at front
Motion at front (wind chimes)
Motion at front door
Motion at from door (wind chimes)

I also have the same exact issue with the floodlight camera: same missing tones on ring iPhone app but are available to use and working on ring on my iPad Pro.

Tones missing for floodlight camera on ring iPhone app:

Motion at floodlight cam
Motion at floodlight cam (Wind chimes)
Motion at backyard
Motion at backyard (wind chimes)
Motion at back door
Motion at back door (wind chimes)

I checked both apps are operating on up to date firmware and even tried deleting ring app on phone then reinstall but tones were still missing. WiFi signal for both devices are also operating with green.

Any help on figuring this out would be greatly appreciated


Hi @Tranzotic54. If possible, can you please share a screenshot of the alert tones from the Ring app on the iPhone and the iPad? Additionally, which version of the Ring app do you have on each device?

@Caitlyn_Ring Thanks for responding, it’s only letting me post 1 photo since I’m a new user. I made 1 post per pic to get around this.

This is the first pic for reference. It’s from my iPhone showing available tones for “rings”

This is the 2nd pic from my iPhone showing tones available for “motions”

3rd pic from my iPad Pro showing the tones available : notice many more available

4th pic from my iPad showing motion tones available

5th pic showing alert tones available on my iPhone for the floodlight camera

6th pic showing alert tones available on my iPad Pro for the floodlight camera

@Caitlyn_Ring Interesting… so I just saw the app version on my iPhone is 5.64.20 and the iPad is 5.62.20 (says update available) but if I do this update on the iPad that would mean I would then loose all those extra alerts and tones that I want to use?

Assuming that is the cause for this issue?

I have exactly the same problem. It happened after the last iOS app update.

I have the same issue will this get fixed

Hi neighbors. I am happy to chime in. Thank you for sharing this information with us. I have reached out to my team, and rest assured that is being looked into. I will provide an update here regarding this concern once I receive further information. I will also be marking this as a temporary solution so others can easily see this response. Thank you for your time and patience.

I have exactly the same issue and wondering how much longer it’s going to take to get resolved as it’s starting to bug me now. Possibly an iOS issue as it was working before I updated.

Latest 16.7 ios upgrade on iPhone has eliminated the audio verbiage associated with Ring alerts when there is an alarm. I am only getting the windchimes now. I have checked and tried everything to resolve without success. Help!

I hope this is still being looked into and a fix is found very soon! Very frustrating to have to track down the alarm when it was once announced.

Do we have any update on this issue. It’s been a while now and no new news on a fix. Getting ready to switch to another brand if there is no fix in sight.

I too have this problem. To me, the “app alert tones” (since update 5.64.20) have the same exact selections that my Ring Doorbell has. If I want a ‘spoken’ alert on my floodlight cam I only have “Someone at Your Door”. I’d laugh, but it’s just not funny. I am happy to see this is a known problem. You see, I called customer service and could not understand the person and I didn’t feel she understood what I tried to get thru to her. After asking it to be escalated I was put on long hold. At about the 1 hour mark I got a dial tone. Again, not funny.

It seems as if they are not interested in resolving this issue or even advising if this is a temporary or, hopefully not, permanent issue.
I went through the tedious and time consuming process of speaking with customer service regarding this problem at least 10 days ago and after having to explain numerous times as well as sending screenshots was informed that they were not aware that these notifications were gone.
I have six outdoor cameras and this is quite frustrating to have to guess or take time to narrow down which device is alerting.
Some type, any type, of communication from Ring would be greatly appreciated.

One day after my original post, I noticed that I received a request from the Ring app to edit some settings to the Neighbors Alerts. After that, I thought “I wonder” and checked the Alerts I wrote about in my 1st post, and there it was, fixed and quite a few options including the one I needed. While I was quite elated with the fix, I must reiterate my opinion of their phone service, it reflects badly on Ring and their owner Amazon. I felt much better when I found this problem listed here, at least I knew it was a known problem to us and hoped Ring would read it and fix it. Also, I do not like not being notified by Ring. But, to be fair, some time back I did have a good experiance with a Tier 2 Technician. This experiance also tells me Ring does not do much of a Beta testing shake down prior to release of a new release. We are the Beta testors.

Why did the default names go away? I loved that my alerts would tell me which camera was getting the alert. Is this temporary?