Missing camera feeds in app

Anyone else have their camera feeds disappear lately? I have two cameras and just this week I no longer see them in the app yet I get notifications of motion from them. The week before the app thought my address was no longer valid so the timezone was set to Greenwich time. The app has gotten super flaky lately and not sure I can trust Ring anymore.

This should not be happening @Regnillif. Please double check your locations in the Ring app to ensure another location does not appear in the drop down. I recommend also double checking that the alerts received are not related to Neighbors app nearby event notification.

If this concern persists, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Yes, it seems I have two locations now. I changed the location because my timezone somehow changed to GMT. I did this after tech support told me to check the address and update even though I did not change anything to cause the timezone issue. So I guess that somehow added a second location. How do I remove the one location? Looks like I have to remove devices and reset them up now?

@Regnillif If you have a location that has no devices on it and you no longer need the location, you can go into the Ring app > toggle to this location above Dashboard > once in the proper location go into Settings > Trash can next to location > Remove/Delete Location.

If you need to move the devices (doorbells/cams) over to a different location that has the correct info, follow these steps: Toggle to the location with the devices > Devices > One device at a time select each one > Device Settings > General settings > Location > And then you can move them over, one at a time, to the other location. Then, once everything is on the proper location, you can follow the first set of steps to remove the old location.

Please note if you have a Ring Alarm Base Station and Alarm Devices on the wrong location, the Base Station will need to have all Alarm Devices removed from it first, the Base Station unregistered, and then re-set up on the new location. The Ring Alarm Security System is the one Ring device that cannot be moved over to a new location easily, mostly due to Monitoring Setup reasons. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Thank you. It is the alarm that is the issue so I will just live with the two locations. I guess that part is not the big deal in terms of using the app the most. The initial issue cropped up and I only saw the alarm and not the doorbells and I was stumped on how to fix it. This thread can be closed now. Thak you for the support.

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