Missing (but active) Motion Schedules

Exactly the same problem here with one of my two 3rd Generation Stickup cams.

Tried deleting all of the schedules, adding them again, deleting the app, deleting the camera and adding it again, rebooting the camera through the app, power cycling it off and on, rebooting my phone, no joy so far.

This has been happening for the past few weeks. Can I get a discount on my subscription as my camera isn’t working as it should?

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Same issue and it’s about a month says the first post on this issue. It says I have motion scheduling which I used to have one for the mornings but it was 8pm and it was still on. When I went to turn it off, the schedule is gone but it won’t let me set my Morrison alerts.

When will this be resolved? Lots of people complaining so why do we all need to open a ticket.? Issue seems pretty obvious


I’ve got two 3rd generation stick up cams. A few weeks ago, I stopped receiving notifications from one of them. I have a few schedules so deleted them and set them up again but still nothing.

Motion alerts are turned off when I look at the camera and look slightly greyed out (see picture) If I try to turn them on, a message pops up asking me to turn off my motion schedule (even if I have none set up or have them turned off) and then the slider goes back to the off position.

I’ve tried deleting the app, deleting the camera and setting it up again, rebooting my phone, rebooting the camera, turning notifications on and off in Notification Centre (iPhone) and still nothing. Run out of ideas really.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Exact same problem here. I setup a schedule a long time ago. Now I want to change the schedule, but there is no schedule to be deleted or edited. Also, that old schedule is still running, and I can not turn on motion alerts while that old schedule was set to disable alerts.
There is a clock icon near the picture of my device indicating there is a schedule, but I can not find a schedule anywhere to delete/edit.
Tried removing the app, and all the other nonsense. These developers really need to fix this problem. What a joke

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Since July, exact same problem here for the two devices that previously had motion schedules. Tried everything tried here, including calling support. They have no fix for the issue yet. They’re still ‘working on it.’

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I have exactly the same problem.
Spent at least an hour in the phone with Ring support going thru various scenarios that I had tried prior to calling support. It seems obvious to me that schedules created are linked to the physical device (sku) since deleting the device and setting it up again via the app makes no difference.
This is very frustrating and basically means I only receive motion alerts during those times defined in my ‘inactive’ schedule- if I need alerts outside those times then too bad for me.

@Justin_Ring - are you able to confirm whether or not this issue is being investigated and a timeline for a fix?

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I have contacted Ring support via X [AKA Twitter] again and received the following reply;

“. Rest assured, our team is still investigating this to implement a fix as soon as possible. While we don’t have an exact ETA to share when this will be resolved, we expect a fix to be applied within the coming weeks…”

I find it frustrating that this issue has been going on this long.

Can I ask that anyone that is experiencing the issue contacts Ring support [via Phone or X / Facebook] and ask that a support ticket is logged for the issue. (I believe support should link all the tickets [for this issue] into a major incident which should have a higher priority & quicker resolution- this is best practice in most IT support organisations )

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We have the same problem as everyone else here. August 10 we had a 45 minutes mobile conversation with Ring support who promised to escalate our issue, since it was an important problem. After that we have heard absolutely nothing. And since this topic was started in July, Ring support should have known about the problem when we called them. For the moment Ring support is nothing I would recommend.

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I have exactly the same issue and nothing seems to sort it out. This is obviously a software issue and a bug that has occurred in a recent update. More beta testing please, find error and the release patch. It is what normal technology companies do not let customers waiting months!

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Same issue here. No way to enable motion alerts because the app says there is a schedule preventing it, and no way to delete the schedule because it does not show up in the app.

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I just wanted to mention that the same thing has happened to me. I believe this happened after a Ring app upgrade. I had a motion schedule set up during a previous version of the app and after the upgrade, I can no longer see that motion schedule in the app so it is impossible for me to toggle it on or off. As a result, the camera is continuing to follow that schedule which means there are no notifications on my phone for certain time periods of the day and there’s no way to fix this on the app since the motion schedule no longer appears there.

I’ve called customer support twice and did every troubleshooting step possible: Rebooting my phone, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, removing the camera from the app, pressing the reset button on the camera, and then re-adding the camera, installing the Ring app on different devices, etc. At first, one of the customer support reps seemed to suggest that it was an issue with my phone. However, I did purchase a second Ring camera AFTER the app upgrade and I can see the motion schedule that I set up for that one in the app. I can toggle it on or off normally and I’m getting notifications exactly as expected for that second camera. Regarding my first camera, the one not getting notifications, I set up the motion schedule for that one BEFORE the app upgrade and can no longer see that motion schedule AFTER the app upgrade. This suggests that the problem is app related.

Then the customer support rep seemed to suggest that it was an issue with my camera. However, it’s important to note that the camera works fine. It records all motion events and I can see all of those motion events in my Ring account. The problem is that I am not getting NOTIFIED of those events and this also suggests that this is an app issue, not the device. If we are not getting notified of events, then that is a huge loss of a significant function of the Ring camera.

Another user suggested that the motion schedule seems to be connected to the actual device. So when setting up the camera and scanning the QR code of the camera, it seems to “remember” the previous motion schedules associated with it. If that is the case, then this means that we cannot even sell our cameras because the person who buys the camera will face the same motion schedule problem and not get notifications. This thread started in July and it’s already September. I really hope that Ring fixes this issue soon. If you have this same issue, please report it here so they know the extent and urgency of the problem.

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Hey neighbors. Thank you for continuing to share information about this issue. We are aware of this concern and are currently investigating it. Rest assured, once a solution has been found, we’ll update this thread. Until then, I’ll be marking this post as the solution so other neighbors can easily find it and see that we are working on it. Thank you for your patience.

All of a sudden, all of my previously disappeared schedules have returned and I’m getting notifications again, hopefully this has been fixed.


I have removed the solution as the issue is not resolved.

I have again contacted Ring via X [twitter] and got the similar responses as above (ie it is being investigated).

I have asked (Via X) for a complaint to be raised and the issue escalated, but have not had a response to acknowledge my request.

This is not good enough.
Paying customers are not getting the service they are paying for and have had in the past.

The lack of communication is also shocking.

Can someone from Ring please escalate this to senior management and log a complaint ASAP.

Hi there @FreakOutITGeek. The senior leaders and developers are the ones investigating this concern. This issue has been escalated, and it is being worked on by the people it was escalated to. Once the investigation phase is over and a fix is implemented, we will have information to update you with. Thank you for your patience.

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Same as @Swoopy my motion schedules suddenly “came back” on their own today without updating anything (iOs or Ring App). The motion schedules were still set in the last position they were in before they vanished completely but remained active.

I had initially contacted Ring Support over the phone a little over 3 weeks ago and have been following this post since then.

I hope this is permanent and doesn’t screw up again. They’ve also told me that they would email me once a solution was found. Still nothing.

Hope you guys get the fix as well and this is resolved forever!

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I have just checked the iOS App and the notification settings are now back (all of them for both our camera devices) and I can switch off the one that we had temporary switched on before this issue occurred.

As with others: I have not received any notification that this is an official fix for the issue, but it is god to be able to finally switch off the notification that has been causing us issues.

I’ll keep an eye on the situation.

Hey neighbors, our teams have let us know that this issue has been resolved. You should now be able to view and edit your Motion Schedules as normal. Thank you for your patience as our team worked to get this resolved.

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