Missing alarm icons from dashboard

I just went to arm my alarm in the Ring Android app (version 3.22.1) and the alarm icons are missing from the dashboard. They were there earlier today. Why are they gone now? Anyone else experiencing this problem? Thanks

Now the icons are back. Consider the issue closed though I’m still curious why this happened.

Mine are still missing. Can’t arm/disarm. This system gets screwier every day

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I Missing alarm icons from dashboard also, they have been gone for a while now. I have re installed app on phone. Have iPhone. Eveything is up to date.

I followed the same process, it only worked once, now it’s back to not loading!

Hi @Tmoe711! If you’ve already removed and reinstalled the Ring app on your mobile device, the best next step will be to ensure VPN is not enabled and trying this on cellular data connection only, or wifi connection only, to see if one connection is better than the other. Please let us know if this helps to resolve your concern! :slight_smile:

The VPN was the cause, thank you!