Missed video

How can I extend the recording time I have a doorbell v4 and I am finding it’s missing people dressed in dark clothes coming into my drive the first I see of them is they are standing right at my door or even they can come into the drive and drop a parcel off in a storage box and they don’t even appear on the camera. Last week I had a courier stop at the bottom of my drive and get out climb in the back off the van and that’s all I had recorded yet he climbed out and came into my drive and dropped a parcel into the storage box and left but none of the second part of his visit was recorded
Why is this ? Do I have something set up incorrectly or does ring not record everything?

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Hi @Sapphire125. Ring Doorbells do not record continuously, they will record when motion is detected or someone rings the bell. I’d recommend reviewing your Video Recording Length setting, and then taking a loot at your motion settings to make adjustments as needed.

Motion detection concerns are usually resolved through changes to the settings. This includes the Motion Zones, Motion Sensitivity, and the Motion Frequency options. Additionally, Smart Alerts can help you further refine your motion detection, but they may not work for everyone. Lastly, ensure your Doorbell has a strong internet connection for the best performance.