Missed Notifucations

I have the ring had 3 doorbell fit just over a week and this is the third time I have had to raise the topic of missed notifications. I have uninstalled the app, reinstalled it. I have switched modes, I have cleared the cache. I have check for apps that may be preventing alerts. But the majority of the time I have no idea that there is someone in my drive unless the physically ring the bell. My phone, my wife’s, my daughters AND my Alexa dot are not giving me alerts! The whole point of this camera is to make me aware of unwanted visitors. I have two holes drilled in the wall so when I send it back I have to fill them in. For goodness sake, sort it out. It isn’t my phone. It isn’t my daughters and it isn’t Alexa. So it is the app or the bell. SORT IT OUT!

Hi @JohnnyFP. Let’s go over a few things to see if we can get your Doorbell alerting you of motion like it should. Since you’re not getting alerts on multiple devices, it sounds like we need to adjust your Motion Settings. Once those are adjusted your Doorbell should pick up things more consistently. How is the Doorbell mounted? What would you approximate the height to be and are there and steps leading up to where it’s located? Special circumstances could inspire a little bit more trial and error while dialing in the motion detection. Also, be sure to set the correct Motion Frequency to ensure your Doorbell doesn’t miss anything. Lastly, we’ll want to make sure the Doorbell has a good, strong wifi signal. Let me know if this helps!