Misleading shared user abilities

What a disappoinment the shared user setting is! My shared user accepted my invite, then when that user setup an account as requested, it wants that user to login, then after all the extra steps to login it says, “looks like you’re new”, and “what do you want to do?” with choices like download the app and other choices but not one of them being a shared user!?? Very misleading!

Hi there, @adavis! Once you’ve added a Shared User, they should receive an invite with the option to accept. When initially adding a Shared User, the Ring app will require their email address. This is the same email address they should use for logging into their Ring app. It can sometimes take a moment for the shared device to show up for them, and depending on other factors, there may be times when an invite has to be resent.

Feel free to check out our Shared User help center article for more tips on using this feature. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: