I had a lengthy frustrating conversation with the ring support department today. We are a commercial contractor, due to a great many thefts we opted to purchase the new Ring Jobsite Security systems. (Ring Jobsite Security, an Outdoor Construction Site Security System | Ring) It seemed like a great option to secure our sites with professional monitoring and cel backup. Our small site included 1 camera, 1 motion sensor and 1 motion activated spotlight, at our big site we set up 4 motion sensors, 1 motion activated spotlight and 5 jobsite cameras. We enrolled in professional 24/7 monitoring ($200 each site for year) and went about our days feeling secure. After a couple weeks I noticed we had never received a call from monitoring company even though we had a few incidents of employees forgetting to deactivate the system. Today I called ring and was informed none of the devices sold with the system or bought as addons actually are monitored! I was told we have to add motion DETECTORS not sensors and/or glass break sensors or door/window sensors. (Keeping in mind they are not listed as add on devices for the system in the first place,. You must purchase the home versions of the devices and use them with the commercial Jobsite Box.)

So frustrated because we are into these systems for a couple thousand dollars now, including our monitoring contracts, and we are actually NOT secure. Had this been spelled out clearly on the webpage this system is advertised on we would have at least purchased the “devices” we needed to secure our building. I have no doubt there are customers out there thinking they have an actively monitored system and that is just not the case.

I challenge RING or any customer to look over the advertisements on the web page for this system (Ring Jobsite Security, an Outdoor Construction Site Security System | Ring) and point to the place that explains the devices you need to actually secure your jobsite. The fact that you push 24/7 professional monitoring as a feature when the system does not include a single device that enables this feature is negligent on the part of RING, and I believe somewhere down the road you may find yourselves embroiled in a lawsuit when someone’s site is broken into and they were not actually protected even though they thought they were.

No, not misleading.

I look at the page and see primarily cameras and motion detectors. I see no mention of door/window sensors with this product.
If it was I, I either wouldn’t be purchasing products not explicitly mentioned on the page or reach out to Ring Support and ask them first.

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear, but that’s what I see when I look at the page.

Hi @user10067. Apologies for any miscommunication, but the Professional Monitoring feature is available with the use of the Ring Alarm Pro and any alarm components, such as Motion Detectors and Contact Sensors, along with a valid Ring Protect Pro subscription in place. You can find all of the Ring Alarm accessories that are compatible with the Base Station Pro here. Professional Monitoring doesn’t extend to your Security Cameras as nobody but you has access to the Live View or the video recordings.

Additionally, job sites can vary widely and using a Contact Sensor or Motion Detector may not always be the right fit. Having the Security Cameras installed is useful to allow you to always have eyes on your site and to be notified of when motion is detected. Adding a Contact Sensor on an office door, for example, might be a good addition as well and you can then set up the Professional Monitoring feature.