Minimum detection range on solar floodlight

Hi, is there any info on the MIN and MAX motion detection ranges for the solar floodlight? Considering recommending one for a small space, and need to max sure if the MIN detection range can be tuned sufficiently low?

Hi @user73052. Can you specify which model of Ring Security Camera or Ring Smart Lighting device you’re looking at installing? We don’t have exact ranges to offer for motion detection, but I can provide some details on what settings are available once I confirm which device you’re looking to purchase.

Hello, I’m asking about this product, which oddly I can find on Amazon but not on the Ring website:

@user73052 Thank you for sharing that. We don’t provide an exact range, given that it can vary based on the installation and environment. An approximate range would be about 35-45 feet, so it should cover an average home’s front or back yard. I’ll share a screenshot of what the Motion Sensitivity settings look like as well. I hope this helps!

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