Military Discount

I am wondering why on your website it clearly states that there is a 10% Military Discount on Protect Plus plan but when you go to check out there is no place to put the code for it. Then talking to customer service about it, they tell me that it doesn’t exist when clearly it states it on the website which I have a picture of. Ring does NOT support the military or they would offer a discount like they say that actually do.

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Did you get your code from here?
Military, First Responder and Teacher Discount | Ring
Then during checkout there’s a spot for entering your code (coupon) and apply it.

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There wasn’t when i tried it 8 times

I attempted to purchase the protection pro plan with the military discount. After 5 hours i gave up and called someone at ring. I explained what i was trying to purchase using the military discount. She signed me up for the protection pro plan with no military discount. I could of done that. Then she stated it wasn’t available. And i told her the website said it was and she started to argue with me

Hi @534ff3caee3dfcd73e6c78276b7421. Can you share a link to the Ring web page or Help Center Article where it states that the Military discount can be used on the Ring Protect plans? I’m happy to double-check our resources so I can confirm the correct answer for you, so it would be helpful to see where you’re seeing this information. :slight_smile: