Military discount

Hello Ring users. Ex military here. First Gulf war, Afghanistan OEF Navy veteran. Apparently Ring’s commitment to hindering veteran discounts only gos so far! If you order a bundle and it has a sign in it, it’s not part of what constitutes a discount! A sign! But everything else does in the 10 pak bundle. Now I won’t go broke over this, but clearly it was not labeled that if a sign was included in my order a military discount would not be honored. I wished I could of told my chain of command when I was deployed that “I couldn’t honor my services because my boots were too tight, or I couldn’t perform because I was on the wrong side of my no go Latitude location! Yeah about as ridiculous. THANK YOU RING! BRAVO! Forget the discount, I’ll be sure to NOT buy any more products.

Did you follow the instructions listed here? Military, First Responder and Teacher Discount | Ring
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