Mic not working on doorbell

Hello what it is that i am having abit of bother with my device when I am on the app and speaking to the person at my door they can hear me but I cannot hear them? Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix it

Hi @Alanna13xx. When you open the Live View, make sure you are tapping on the speaker icon to hear the audio from your Ring Doorbell. You also need to make sure the volume on your phone itself is turned up adequately.

Hello yeah both things I have checked I dunno if this can happen if water gets into it? As we have had a storm and I don’t know if it’s broken

@Alanna13xx Water damage or any other physical damage could impact your Doorbell’s performance. Given that visitors at your door can hear you, it seems unlikely that is’ physical damage. I’d also suggest double-checking the permissions for the Ring app in your phone’s settings. If you have another mobile phone or tablet, log into the Ring app on there and test out the two-way audio.

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