Message recommending settings adjustment

Every time I open one of my security cameras on the app, I get a message asking me if the battery is draining too fast and recommending I go to settings to make some changes. I have two cameras and only get the message on one of them. How can I avoid getting this message every single time I go to that camera?

Hey @ajw123. On the camera that you get this notice, is it for a camera with a low battery? Normally this message should only be displayed when you have a lower than normal battery percentage and have settings that require a higher battery drainage. I recommend charging up that camera and it should help avoid this battery notification.

I have two batteries in the camera. I’m sure you’re right because one of the batteries needs to be charged. The other is on 90%. I got multiple batteries so I didn’t have to make a change as often. With the other battery at 90%, it’s still good for maybe two months. Any way to remove the message without changing the one battery?