Meshforce M1 conflict with Ring cameras

If you have a Meshforce M1 wifi, you may have the same problem I had. It was driving me crazy and I wanted to share what I found out.

I have 3 stick up cams and 3 spot light cams at my house. All battery powered. I used to have the traditional router and AP to extend signal. I wouldn’t say they worked great but camras were connected and live views were working. The RSSI numbers were mediocre so I upgraded to Meshforce M1 x3. It vastly improved my wifi coverage and all devices worked great. Except the Ring Cams - the live views were became spotty. They would load indefinitely without pulling up on random cameras. Then 5 minutes later it might work but another cam would do the same. Called Ring customer support and was told that while wifi coverage was good, actual data being transferred was far less than the actual available bandwidth (0.3 mbps used vs 10 mbps available). Customer support couldn’t figure out why and suggested that I had too much interference though my RSSI was generally in the 50s and as low as 30s and the eternal loading inflicted all cameras randomly regardless of the RSSI. I also let them know that all my other connected devices had no issue. Ultimately, there was no satisfactory solution provided.

I found a forum post regarding TP Link Mesh bricking Ring cams and thought I might have a similar but less severe issue on hand with the Meshforce. Reading through their thread, it appeared that Google and a few other Mesh products reported no issue. I bought a Google Mesh, hooked it up and the Ring Cam live views are pulling up like before. I agree with the Ring cam owners on the TP Link Mesh post that this seems to be a conflict unique to the Ring product and for Ring team to research and resolve.