Mesh whole home wifi

Since getting the mesh wifi deco s4 I cannot get live video or recorded incidents. There is also a slight delay. I am very unhappy. When I call in they keep me reprogramming even though o tell them this is not going to work for hours. I have spent several hours on the phone with people who have no idea how to fix. I ask them to accelerate the call they all but refuse. Yesterday I was told a supervisor would call me back after an hour of my asking and guess what? No one called back. I have the deco set at 2.4 and have read many articles. This is my last request for help? Very frustrated and disappointed in ring

I also have a mesh WIFI system and do notice that some of the Ring devices (and other devices) tend to connect to my router instead of one of the satellites which are closer. Could your connection be similar and not as strong as it might be?

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