Mesh Network

I have now tried 2 different Mesh Networks, the first being an eero 6E, and the cameras would never use the closest node, and some of the cameras would go on and off line.
I returned the eero 6E, and purchased a LinkSys Hydra 6E 3 node network. Mind you I can now connect to it 3 houses down each way. Yet as I sit here and look, the cameras have once again connected to the farthest node from them. I have turned that node off, they will switch to another node, but as soon as I start the node back up, the cameras will all move to that farthest one. I have tried unplugging, removing batteries and rebooting the cameras, even reset them all, yet they still connect to the farthest node. What needs to be done to change that? None of the other devices from other manufacturers seem to behave like the Ring stuff does.

Hi @e6e513a555f1137c93cfac1096368b. Which model of Ring Cameras are you trying to set up on your network? You can find the model name on the Device Health page in the Ring app. In the mesh network settings, are you able to designate a specific node for a certain device to use?

Neither of the manufacturers let you lock a device to a node. What would be the point of a mesh system if you are forcing clients to use 1 node and not the others? My non-Ring cameras will connect to any off the nodes, and they for some reason will switch nodes until they find the one with the best signal, and they stay there. Ring on the other hand, doesn’t do that for some reason.

Hi @e6e513a555f1137c93cfac1096368b. I’m happy to chime in. The troubleshooting steps you mentioned were excellent ones to try. Since those steps did not help and you are not able to make any adjustments to your mesh system to lock a node to a certain Camera, give our support team a call to further investigate your concern.

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