Mechanical doorbell rings periodically.

I installed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and it works OK.

But, the existing mechanical doorbell rings about every 30 seconds.

Currrently, I have removed the metal bars from the mechanical doorbell so that it doesn’t make a sound. But, I would like to have it work the way it is supposed to.

Attached is a diagram of how things are hooked up.

I would appreciate knowing how to fix this problem.


We just hooked up our Ring doorbell and cannot get the mechanical doorbell to work correctly with it so I am curious to see other responses with possible solutions.

Now you can see why I am Doubtful.

Did you find an answer for your doorbell problem?

We did! Just had to switch one of the wires around in the inside bell. Works great now.

@doubtful wrote:

I installed the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and it works OK.

But, the existing mechanical doorbell rings about every 30 seconds.

Your wiring doesn’t look quite right to me. You have your Ring Pro wired across terminals 1 and T3 but your Power Kit Pro wired across terminals 1 and 0F; the Power Kit Pro should be wired across the same two terminals as the Ring Pro - otherwise your Ring Pro may draw power through the mechanical doorbell solenoids and that can cause it to ring when it shouldn’t.

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Thanks. I tried that and it makes the doorbell ring constantly.

I don’t understand how the original doorbell worked.

I guess OF and T3 go across the solenoid.

And when the button was pushed it closed the circuit by connecting T3 and 1.

I also don’t understand the purpose of the Ring Pro Power Kit V2.

I have not read an explanation anywhere of what it does and how it does it and why it is necessary.

I have read a lot of speculation about it. But, no facts.

Ring documentation just says put it there and doesn’t say why.

Just installed the Ring Pro on my front door and the chime inside the house activates randomly. The wiring on the Ring and chime are OK. When the chime sounds, I check it and the solenoid is humming. After a few moments it stops humming and seems to go back to normal. When I press the button on the Ring Pro the chime works ok. The random ringing is not desirable especially when I am asleep.

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Hey neighbors! When a chime kit is not functioning as intended with your Video Doorbell Pro, it is often related to either wiring or compatibility. Check out our help center article about installing the Pro Power Kit, to ensure it is connected properly. I recommend also checking the power supply/ transformer rating and ensuring the wiring is standard gauge wiring to avoid resistance in power flow.

@doubtful it looks like you’ve taken all the best steps to perfect your wiring for chime kit functionality. If the chime is still not operating properly, please check out our Chime Kit Compatibility List to ensure your chime kit model.

It’s always worth checking your chime type in the Ring app to ensure it is set to the right chime type (mechanical or digital). Feel free to reach out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting if needed! :slight_smile:

it is like a battery and it is there to give the doorbell a boost of extra energy when it needs it if you are running a 16V transformer and not a 24V, I upgraded mine and still added the extra kit any ways even though I did not think it needed it.

Since there is no way to get my mechanical doorbell to work with the Ring, can anyone tell me how to bypass the bell altogether?

I have read various opinions about this. It would be nice if Ring had Customer Support that would actually give answers and not just throw out pre-written responses that may of may not address the issue at hand.

I am having the same issue. Following for repair

I have given up on making the mechanical doorbell work correctly with the Ring doorbell.

I am now just trying to figure out the correct way to bypass the mechanical doorbell without damaging the Ring doorbell. There appears to be a lot of opinions about it.

I installed a stand-alone unit at my father in laws house all I needed was a $15.00 power supply I got of amazon. I’ve attached a screenshot of item for you to look at. I just put this in the basement and ran thermostat wire to ring button and that was it. Works flawlessly.

Mine does the same thing. I have a compatible doorbell. I called tech support and they said someone would call me back and never did. Voltage is good. Very frustrating.

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Thank you for the info.

What is the V and VA ratings on that transformer?

Mine i upgraded to a 24V 20VA but ring said a required 16V 30VA is just fine with there pro power kit v2 installed.

I had the exact same problem. After one year of no issues at all, the Ring doorbell wouldn’t turn on and the doorbell chime would buzz and half ring every 30 seconds or so. Super annoying!

It turned out that the wires connecting to the Ring doorbell was shorted! The wire insulation had worn out and the bare wires were touching each other. I was able to fix by wrapping electrical tape over the exposed parts of the wire.

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Did you ever find a fix for this? I just installed mine and I am having the same issue.

My new Pro was doing this. VERY LONG story short (and checking lots of forums and You Tubes), I used the power kit that came with mine, and since I already have a Chime, decided to simply bypass the mechanical front doorbell altogether. It was a little more complicated with my type of doorbell (0, 1, 2, 3 wires vs F, T, B), but I figured it out and it only took me two days, haha! But didn’t have to hire an electrician!

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