Mechanical doorbell rings continously

Hi Folks,

I just bought a Ring video doorbell Pro installation kit. I’m very happy with my purchase but I still have one issue

After installing my old mechanical doorbell in the circuit it doesn’t stop ringing, to me it looks like it’s getting triggered all the time which is quite annoying.

I have the Ring transfo installed with 24VAC going to the Ring video Pro.
My mechanical doorbell is suitable for 24VAC input. (type Grothe 24083 Bel 24 V (max) 85 dB (A))

At the moment I bypassed the mechanical doorbell by using the ring pro bypass kit and I’m using a chime to ring the bell.
For future purposes I would really like to have my mechanical doorbell working.
In attachment an example drawing from my circuit.

Could someone help me with this case?

Many thanks.

Grt, Jan

For information :

When I remove the label from the bypass kit I’ve noticed that I actually have a pro power kit v2 in my hand.
But unfortunately I don’t have a suitable cable for this, otherwise it would be worth testing if the mechanical bell would work with this kit parallel over it?

Just thinking out loud

I have the same issue. Quite frustrating. even when disconnecting the power pack it still rings, so that tells me it is the ring doorbell itself keeping the circuit closed.