Mechanical door bell doesn’t ring

Door bell doesn’t go ding dong!

I have a video Pro, wired to a Nutone mechanical doorbell. I replaced the original 16vac 10VA transformer with a 30VA transformer. I did the install using a jumper wire. The mechanical doorbell does not ring when the button is pushed. Notifications occur on the phone, but no Ding-dong.

It is worth noting that this is a reinstall. The same video pro device at the old house rang the doorbell. At this house(new construction). It will not ring the doorbell.

What good is a fancy high tech doorbell button that won’t ring the doorbell??? I don’t carry my phone with me everywhere I go in the house.

Hi @Ndelviii. The Ring Pro does not use a Jumper, but it does use the Pro Power Kit. This is crucial to the Ring Pros operation. You may need to adjust some settings in the Ring app. You’ll find the settings when you tap on the Ring pro and go to Device Settings > General Settings and make sure you have a mechanical chime kit selected. I hope this helps!